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Lessons with amount of 2 SWS are given in the subject area. Alternating two different courses will be given. A cooperation with University Potsdam, more specific the new international Master course "Geoinformation, Remote Sensing and Visualization" is planned beginning in 2020.

In summer semester 2019 Prof. Wickert will start with overview on the SGN lessons series "Selected Sections of Navigation and Positioning", which is under his responsibility  in April 2019. The lesson series will be held with Prof. Galas and is 6 CP, finalised with an oral examination. 

Here a short overview on the content, which will be in the lessons, starting in 2020. 

Lesson series 1, GNSS: Introduction and advanced fundamentals

  • Selected aspects of satellite geodesy and fundamentals and applications of space geodetic techniques,
  • GPS, GLONASS, Signal structures and new satellite systems Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS,
  • Electromagnetic wave propagagtion in the electric neutral and ionized atmosphere, multi path effects,
  • Positioning and Navigation,
  • GNSS applications in various societal areas.

 Lesson series 2, GNSS: Applications for Earth Observation 

  • Overview GNSS Earth Observatuon and various geophysical applications,
  • Remote Sensing of the Earth's atmosphere with navigation satellites: Methodology and applications in the weather forecast and climate research, ground and satellite based techniques,
  • Remote Sensing of water, ice and land surfaces using reflected GNSS signals: Fundamentals of the technique and geophysical applications, Introduction to ground based, airborne and satellite based techniques,
  • Fundamentals and applications of Realtime GNSS techniques in geodynamics/geophysics.

In winter semester 2018 Prof. Wickert will share a lesson series with Dr. Heinkelmann (GFZ) on "Geoscientific Aspects of Geodesy" with 3 CP. The lesson series is held every Tuesday 14:00 in H6105. and finalised with an oral examination as seminar talk. In addition there was a lesson on Nov. 14 within the series "Introduction to Satellite Geodesy" title: "GNSS Remote sensing" (12:00, H6131).


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