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Podcast on GNSS Reflectometry aboard ISS [1] Jens Wickert in "Welt der Physik" (German, Podcast No. 214)

Successful launch of the PAZ satellite [2] (Spain) on February 22, 2018 with polarimetric GNSS radio occultation (RO) measurements. Jens Wickert member of science team.

GRACE-FO [3] was launched May 22, 2018. It has capability for GNSS radio occultation (RO) measurements. Jens Wickert is german coordinator for GNSS RO.

Planned launch of COSMIC-2A [4] mission with GNSS radio occultation measurements for 2019. Jens Wickert member science team.

Satellite mission PRETTY [5], Science team formed by was ESA, GFZ, IEEC, UoO, RUAG (March2019).


Sept. 6-11, 2018, IGL-1 2018 [6] — First International Workshop on Innovating GNSS and LEO Occultations & Reflections for Weather, Climate and Space Weather, Beijing, China, One of the three main organisors Jens Wickert, press release GFZ [7]

ESA Living Planet Symposium, LPS 2019 [8], May Milano 2019

GNSS+R 2019 [9] Workshop, Benevento, May, 2019

IUGG 2019 [10] General Assembly Montreal, Invited talk on Space Weather Research at GFZ, Prof. Wickert

International Workshop on LEO-LEO Occultations, July 22-27, Beijing, 2019, invited talk, Prof. Wickert

7th International Colloquium on Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of Galileo [11], Zürich, Sept. 4-7, Member Podium Discussion Panel with Jens Wickert, Invited talk on GNSS Reflectometry

European Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, EMS 2019 [12], Copenhagen, Sept. 9-13, 2019, invited talk on GNSS Reflectometry for Meteorological applications

Teaching/Summerschools/PhD Committees

Jens Wickert, Reviewer PhD, Pawel Hordyniec, Wroclaw, April 2019

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