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Podcast on GNSS Reflectometry aboard ISS Jens Wickert in "Welt der Physik" (German, Podcast No. 214)

Successful launch of the PAZ satellite (Spain) on February 22, 2018 with polarimetric GNSS radio occultation (RO) measurements. Jens Wickert member of science team.

GRACE-FO was launched May 22, 2018. It has capability for GNSS radio occultation (RO) measurements. Jens Wickert is german coordinator for GNSS RO.

Planned launch of COSMIC-2A mission with GNSS radio occultation measurements for 2019. Jens Wickert member science team.

Satellite mission PRETTY, Science team formed by was ESA, GFZ, IEEC, UoO, RUAG (March2019).


Sept. 6-11, 2018, IGL-1 2018 — First International Workshop on Innovating GNSS and LEO Occultations & Reflections for Weather, Climate and Space Weather, Beijing, China, One of the three main organisors Jens Wickert, press release GFZ

ESA Living Planet Symposium, LPS 2019, May Milano 2019

GNSS+R 2019 Workshop, Benevento, May, 2019

IUGG 2019 General Assembly Montreal, Invited talk on Space Weather Research at GFZ, Prof. Wickert

International Workshop on LEO-LEO Occultations, July 22-27, Beijing, 2019, invited talk, Prof. Wickert

7th International Colloquium on Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of Galileo, Zürich, Sept. 4-7, Member Podium Discussion Panel with Jens Wickert, Invited talk on GNSS Reflectometry

European Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, EMS 2019, Copenhagen, Sept. 9-13, 2019, invited talk on GNSS Reflectometry for Meteorological applications

Teaching/Summerschools/PhD Committees

Jens Wickert, Reviewer PhD, Pawel Hordyniec, Wroclaw, April 2019


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